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SHAN Solutions Development

SHAN Solutions has extensive knowledge and experience building a wide variety of business computing solutions. Whether you are looking for a single-user application, or a fully featured web-based solution running over the Internet, we can help.

Our Development Service Contains:

  • Programming Languages and Development Environments
    • C# .NET, ASP.NET, C++, XML, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Java, J++ (Microsoft's Java Compiler), HTML, Visual Studio .NET

  • Databases and Data Analytics
    • SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, MS Access, FoxPro, OLAP Cubes, ODBC, ER database models

  • Components and Tools
    • Web Services, Windows Services, Web Forms, .NET Web Forms, MFC, UML, Site Server Commerce Edition, Eshare NetAgent, CyberSource, ActiveX, COM, SOAP, ADO.NET, Interface Definition Language (IDL), XSL/T, MTS, XSD, XDR, Crystal Reports, .NET object serialization, MFS, COM Interop, COM+ Applications, ATL, XML Spy, NUnit testing

  • Security Tools
    • .NET Forms Authentication, Public Key Authentication, Code Signing Certificates, IObjectSafety implementation, Interface Definition Language, RNG Crypto Provider

  • Collaboration and Management Tools
    • SharePoint, StarTeam, Microsoft Project

SHAN Solutions develop software

  • Either programs designed for specific clients or packaged software for general use
  • Ranging from games and educational software to programs for desktop publishing and financial planning

SHAN Solutions do both systems analysis and the actual programming work. Our knowledge of advanced programming languages and new object-oriented programming capabilities increased SHAN Solutions efficiency and productivity. We do Application Programs and System Programs.

SHAN Solutions write and maintain Application Programs to handle a specific job, such as a program to track inventory within an organization. We are also capable of writing programs to maintain and control computer systems software, such as operating systems, networked systems, and database systems. This includes making changes in the sets of instructions that determine how the network, workstations, and central processing unit of the system handle the various jobs that have been given, and how they communicate with peripheral equipments such as terminals, printers, and disk drives.

We work with our clients to implement a solution that satisfies their production requirements without wasting resources. We have managed projects and delivered solutions ranging in size and duration from just a few weeks, to well over a year. Whether you are planning a project, or if you have one that you are unhappy with, we can provide assistance at any and all phases of the project lifecycle.

For more information, give us a call at 905-616-1623, email us at , or click here to submit an information request.