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SHAN Solutions Marketing - Search Engine Optimization

If your company is not ranked within the top 15 by a search engine - YOU SHOULD CHANGE SOMETHING. It is possible to get the traffic you want without giving away substantial profits up-front. Additional (i.e., paid) options that are growing rapidly in popularity are:

Businesses pay to be included in a search engine or directory index. CAUTION: Paid inclusion DOES NOT guarantee improved search engine rankings. It does guarantee the inclusion of pages that might have been missed by "spidering" (software program used by search engines to store URLs and index the keywords and text of Web pages). Businesses pay to have a link on a specific search results page. Normally this link is located at the top or right of the search results page. and entitled "sponsored links".

But before signing contracts for paid advertising, confirm that your vendor has a vehicle to track your Return on Investment (ROI). Trust is built over time, however establishing trust with web site visitors doesn't necessarily require a tremendous investment to yield tremendous results. Legitimize your business and shows that you exist in time and space (vs. just in cyberspace). Free stuff, discounts, coupons, and trial offers attract visitors to your site and literally keep them coming back for more. The longer they linger, the more time you have to sell additional product to them.

Information can be free stuff. However, it needs to be information that your visitors regard as having value. Bottom line: You help your visitor with what they need; and they may help you by purchasing from you Are your policies about shipping, returns, online transactions, and information privacy displayed on your site? This legitimizes your business and gives evidence of your commitment to your customer's well being

To maximize the Internet's opportunity, you must be prepared to:

  • Brand your company
  • Connect with your audience, and
  • Sell your products and services to interested prospects

Your presence on the Web will either help you or hurt you. So, now that you know - What will YOU do?

Performing a SEO on websites involves several key steps as outlined below.

  1. Keyword analysis and selection
  2. Baseline Keyword Popularity Tests
  3. Optimization Process
  4. Web site registration with search engines
  5. Monitoring / Reporting
  6. Continual Optimization

To discuss your Web marketing strategy or for more details, please do not hesitate to contact us and your business is always appreciated by SHAN Solutions.