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SHAN Solutions System Integration

As a lead systems integrator, SHAN Solutions knows how to get the job done. And we have the resources to do it. Our IT experts keep your information systems and networks operational so that you can stay focused on achieving your mission. Proper planning is the key to any successful IT project.

We know what it takes to architect a new network or modernize legacy systems. First we consult with you to understand your current and future requirements, business goals, and critical success factors, and start working on a practical plan to achieve your needs. After analyzing your existing information systems and communication networks, then recommend solutions that give you a decisive advantage. We manage every phase of the project, providing on-site program management for quality assurance.

SHAN is specialized in the technical side of System integration - connecting different software and hardware together. We always try to understand the full capabilities of each product, and based on which we design and implement the infrastructures. We will manage, operate, maintain & sustain your IT infrastructure to ensure security, availability, and performance. All our services are delivered with the best value. From systems administration, network security management and help desk operations, we have the experience to operate and maintain your mission at the LAN, MAN or WAN levels. We configure, test all systems, and manage their administration. We also perform routine maintenance and upgrade components versions to keep the network at peak performance.

Our common integration applications are:

  • Data migration - where data must be converted from one format to another
  • Hardware interfacing - where binary - formatted signals must be sent between hardware and software
  • Data transmission - where data must be moved from one location to another.
  • Integration of old and new systems. To allow cost-effective partial upgrades of systems e.g., web or mobile interfaces added to old systems.

We are always mobile with standardized tools such as

  • Adaptable, scalable and deployable
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable and secure environment
  • Reliable computing infrastructures

SHAN Solutions always tries to integrate your systems quickly with maximum quality and minimum cost.