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SHAN Solutions Technical Support

Are you finding that you are switching disks between desktops to share your data? Can only one person print at a time? Complete Systems has many solutions and alternatives for data, printer and internet sharing.

The costs of hiring employees are rising. Depending on your business, hiring new employees requires the purchase of a new workstation. Complete Systems will work with you and our quality network of suppliers to determine the best hardware and software configuration for that workstation.

Desktop, file server or laptop, every party of your computer systems will be supplied with the best hardware & software and at the best price available.

Have you ever lost a document that you were working on due to a Systems crash, hard drive failure or accidental erasure by a staff member?

Do you have more than one computer that needs access to the internet? Are you afraid of hackers invading your business by way of the internet?

Are you afraid of virus or hacker attacks? Did you think you were protected but still got infected? New destructive viruses are created everyday!

Are you paying too much for your current internet connection? Is your connection fast enough for your business? Are you tired of wasting time while waiting for your web pages or E-mail to load?

If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, call SHAN Solutions technical support team for the solution.

For more information, give us a call at 905-616-1623, email us at , or click here to submit an information request.